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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Did you take all of the pictures on your site?

2. Where do you find your models?
I find them via friends, word of mouth or via a modeling site.

3. What should a model bring with her to a shoot?
See my Model information Page

4. Where do you take you pictures?
If not on location almost all of the studio pictures have been taken in my home using a portable studio, there have only been a few exceptions to date.

5. What is involved in a typical shoot?
I usually request a 4-5 hour time period, which starts off with paperwork and lighting check and then a casual period of about 45 minutes. Then the model gets into her first outfit and we shoot the first set over a two hour period. Each set progresses from costumed to nude (or at least topless) and some form of restraint is usually used. A different form for each set.

6. What equipment do you use? Click here to see my equipment list

7. Model Releases? I have three standard releases I use and then modify them as necessary to cover most situations.

My standard release which basically says I can do anything I want with the pictures I take.

8. How do you pay Your models?
Unless agreed to in advance, I usually pay part of the agreed to price in cash (at least enough to cover travel and food expenses at a minimum and the rest by cash.


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