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Site Philosophy

1.      This site is a method of allowing me to express my artistic freedom. The profits from my fetish photography are primarily to allow me to hire models that I find interesting. Secondarily I hope to derive spending money as my basic monetary requirements are derived from a military retirement income.

2.      My fetish photography seems to be focused on the Duality of Women in depicting both the warrior and the submissive sides of women. While most individual sets do not depict this by themselves, the whole of a photo session which usually involves two to three sets will. Compilation sets which are also available will also tend to show this.

3.      As a note most of the models had not handled weapons prior to the photo session so donít expect them to have proper weapon stances. Meanwhile for more then half of the models the photo session is their first or second experience with bondage, much less bondage modeling so while observers some might expect harsher bondage, I go pretty easy because I would like to have the model work with me again. It should also be emphasized that as much as it is a nice fantasy, to date I have not had sex with any of the models I have paid to model for me. If nothing else it would be very unprofessional. At a minimum it is not legal in Virginia to do so.

4.      As to the bondage aspects, I have had training in bondage safety, including multiple courses on what not to do and how to prepare for emergencies, In some cases, but not always a spotter is available to assist for safety. While bondage can be a fun addition to a personís sex lives, tending to the safety aspects is an important part of the play and should be adhered to until advance experience and knowledge has been gained so that all parties are fully aware of the risks.

5.      As to the photo sets themselves, the object is to produce both artistic and erotic images at the same time. One or the other is fairly easy, but doing both is not so easy, but that is the goal I take with each set. Related is that not all models allow for showing everything. While I have a minimum requirement of topless with models I especially want to work with, I usually try to get models that will allow everything, so as to provide full freedom to explore both aspects.

6.   Please note that any sales off this site will require a copy of a driver's license or other government ID to be in my hand by some means and all prices are set at or above what I charge content providers, however, I may include some material not otherwise available. Unless you also sign a content license agreement, sets sold may not be distributed further and all images are copyright.

7.   Finally, the site is under my control to the extent anything is, but understanding that it's purpose is more for giving the model's examples to go from rather then trying to show off to either other photographer's or excite those who find this part of my portfolio site.



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